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From Childhood


Choreographer: Veli Lehtovaara
Dancer: Elina Häyrynen
Costume and spatial designer: Piia Rinne
Sound designer: Miki Brunou
Production: Off/Balance
Funding: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Jyväskylä and Dance Center of Central Finland
Collaborators: Time of Dance -festival and Saint-Gobain Ecophon
Premiere: 23.9.2017, Time of Dance -festival, Jyväskylä
Duration: 25 min


“We have known since year 1985. I was three years back then and Elina was two. We lived on the opposite ends of a row house. The yard included a swing, a sand pit that was surrounded by rose bushes on two sides, gravel road, a table and two benches. From the edge of the yard began a forrest that went longer than we dared.”
Veli Lehtovaara

From Childhood returns childhood via the motional memories and layers of the body that are hidden to one’s torso. How do memories and experiences resonate in our torsos and does this intertwine as dance?


From Childhood is the third part of a collaboration during years 2016-2017 with Brussels based choreographers Mikko Hyvönen and Veli Lehtovaara.

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