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Jyväskylä-based Off/Balance is the largest contemporary dance company in Central Finland. Off/Balance – established in 2010 by two dance-artists and lifelong friends Terhi Kuok­kanen (MA in Dance) and Elina Häyrynen (MA in Dance) – has gained praises for their unprejudiced repertoire that breaks boundaries between art-forms and reaches thousands of spectators every year.


“The movement and presence of the dancers’ tickles the skin: it makes one want to touch and follow also otherwise besides looking. The line between performers and audience crumbles.”

KESKISUOMALAINEN on crystal pieces: human beings


Off/Bal­ance creates unpredictable and high-quality productions. This is achieved by working with artists that glide between the borders of different art-forms. As artistic directors Kuokkanen and Häyrynen invite guest choreographers and other artists project-wise – thus Off/Balance doesn’t profile on a particular choreographer’s artistic perception or style but instead forms a fresh repertoire combining e.g. theatre, music, parkour and contemporary art.


“Off/Balance’s debut floods with young energy and challenges the audience to pay a close attention to detailed movement-proposals.”

THE HELSINKI TIMES on On the Threshold


Off/Balance locates in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. The company acts throughout Finland, internationally and in the region of Jyväskylä: dance brings people together.

Since 2013 Off/Balance has been among the companies that receive operation subsidy from the state.


Operational background

Off/Balance is operated by a non-profit-association located in Jyväskylä. It aims to promote the availability and accessibility of contemporary dance via Off/Balance.

To reach these goals Off/Balance creates diverse dance performances and co-productions suitable for different target audiences and also organizes tours, workshops, education



The company is looking for performance venues and collaboration possibilities of different sorts. They also offer their expertise in contemporary dance and partnering techniques for professional educational purposes.



Elina Häyrynen – artistic director
Terhi Kuokkanen – artistic director
Antti Lähdesmäki – general manager


Miki Brunou – sound designer
Maija Hietala – costume designer
Iiris Hildén – dancer
Mikko Hyvönen – choreographer, dancer, performer
Teija Häyrynen – dancer
Lauri Kallio – musician
Simo Kellokumpu – choreographer
Jaakko Kulmala – choreographer, dancer
Teemu Kyytinen – choreographer
Veli Lehtovaara – choreographer, dancer
Natasha Lommi – dancer
Anna Mustonen – choreographer, spatial designer
Teemu Mustonen – musician
Jussi Niemelä – scenographer
Jaakko Nieminen – dancer, performer
Ville Ojanen – composer, sound designer, musician
Sonja Pakalén – choreographer
Eleni Pierides – performer
Pekka Pitkänen – light designer, scenographer
Piia Rinne – spatial designer, costume designer, performer
Vincent Roumagnac – director
Katja Sallinen – dancer
Oula Susi – composer, musician
Jukka Tarvainen – choreographer, dancer, performer
Vera Tegelman – dancer
Tero Tuovinen – composer, musician
Panu Varstala – choreographer, dancer
Veera Venho – dancer
Ulla Väätäinen – dancer