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Free Fall

Choreographer: Panu Varstala
Composer: Tero Tuovinen
Photographer: Matti Häyrynen
Performers: Elina Häyrynen (dance), Teemu Mustonen (percussions), Jukka Tarvainen (dance), Tero Tuovinen (double bass) and Panu Varstala (dance) + guest parkourists Jaakko Junttila and Perttu Pihlaja
Production: Off/Balance and Panu Varstala
Funding: Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Jyväskylä
Premiere: 10.7.2013 Jyväskylä Summer Festival, Vaajakoski’s Wanha Woimala (Old Factory)
Duration: 45 min.


Three dancers, two musicians. Unpredictable result.

In Free Fall dance and music collide in a unique manner: musicians may dance and dancers may play and sing. The site-specific performance includes experimentation, improvisation, acrobatics, humour and letting go – by yourself or together.

Acoustic music and brilliant performers offer an intimate experience which is emphasized with a warm-hearted interaction with the crowd.

””Dance Company Off/Balance’s new Free Fall builds up splendidly on terms of the [performance] space. – – – airy, emancipated and exceedingly humorous contemporary dance performance that surprises until the very end. – – – In this total work of art sound and movement, performing and accompaniment glide in to each other, and for example Varstala sings excellently by improvisating.”

Keskisuomalainen 11.7.2013



Photos Matti Häyrynen.