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Jyväskylä 2012 – Movements, surfaces, games and other figures

Concept and artistic design: Simo Kellokumpu and Vincent Roumagnac
Performers: Elina Häyrynen, Terhi Kuokkanen, Simo Kellokumpu and Vincent Roumagnac
Production: Off/Balance
Funding: Arts Council of Finland, Arts Council of Central Finland,
Premiere: 11.8.2012
In co-operation with UudenPolvenMuseon dance happening and Dance Centre of Central Finland.


Finnish choreographer Simo Kellokumpu and French director/visual artist Vincent Roumagnac produce a series of choreographic and visual movements with Off/Balance and its founders and dancers Elina Häyrynen and Terhi Kuokkanen. The team turns the London-Olympic phenomenon into an unpredictable non-spectacle in Central-Finland with their performance Jyväskylä 2012 – Movements, surfaces, games & other figures. The performance consists of an installation, video and synchronized swimming duet without water.

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Jyväskylä 2012 - OffBalance + Kellokumpu&Roumagnac

                                                                                      Photo above by Vincent Roumagnac, photo on the left by Matti Häyrynen.