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Do you want to support us as a sponsor, donor or a friend of dance?

Dance Company Off/Balance’s goal is to improve the availability and the visibility of dance as an art-form especially in the region of Central Finland, but also operating actively both nationally and internationally. There is a clear demand for Off/Balance, because there aren’t other regularly operating professional dance companies in Central Finland.

Public funding of contemporary dance is scarce. The funding of dance companies consists only partly on governmental subsidies, otherwise it is comprised of eg. sales and subsidies of foundations and trusts.

We would meet with gratitude any proposals on sponsor cooperation and donors – together we can produce more and more joy and experiences. If you or your organization sees eye to eye on our aims, please contact producer:

Antti Lähdesmäki / antti(a)offbalance.fi / +358 50 360 2136

Or do you want to become a supporting member of the non-profit-association Dance Company Off/Balance?

Any private person or association/company can become a supporting member. As a supporting member you will be the first to hear about upcoming performances, workshops and other news. You are also entitled to get discounts on tickets (on performances organized by Off/Balance) and workshops.

Thank you!

We appreciate greatly any kind of support and interest. Please contact the producer if you want to support the activities of the company as a sponsor of a supporting member.

Antti Lähdesmäki / antti(a)offbalance.fi /+358 50 360 2136